I have been lucky enough to take my kids on holiday from a very young age and as little babes, it was so easy, god, so easy.  After around 20 odd flights with them I have learnt very quickly that it’s the toddlers you need to beware.  We actually stress ourselves out for months in advance about how our kids (read, my son in particular) is going to behave at 30,000 feet with nowhere for me to hide, he spent the entire time standing on the seat staring at the people behind us, wanting to climb over seats, run up the aisles, touch the doors: PLEASE DON’T TOUCH THE DOORS!  Thankfully he waited till we were actually in Spain before he started firing food and objects at people across restaurants, the beach, anywhere.


So I chatted with some parent pals and put together a few top tips to help you travel with toddlers.

  1. Buy a tablet of sort, we have the Kindle Fire Kids Edition and it is brilliant, load it up with movies, games, pictures, whatever your kid likes. Don’t forget to download whatever you need to prevent a no wifi mishap and an avoidable scream-fest.  Oh, and headphones are a must!
  2. Colouring in: bring crayons and a variety of small colouring in books and watch it pass some time. For older kids, books to practice their writing is a great shout, my 4 year old can sit for an hour practicing her letters over and over.
  3. Stickers! Kids love stickers, all they need is some blank paper or their drinking cup and they can go wild.
  4. Snacks: take plenty of snacks, including the odd sweet one for the moments where you REALLY need them to sit down and fasten up or a lolly for their ears in case they get sore. Also bear in mind, if you have a fussy eater then the chance of them eating plane food is slim to none.
  5. Blanket and pillow: flying can be tiring so bringing stuff to make your kids as comfortable as possible if they want to nap or lean back to watch a movie will make your life way easier.

The main thing is to stay relaxed, keep them busy and have a gin.

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