There are several things I need to consider on a daily basis that impact any choices I make about where I go and what I do.

  1. I don’t drive, so public transport is my friend (read enemy)
  2. I have one pram, two kids and a wheeled board
  3. The weather

I am a pro at the pram on the bus and trains now and can **just about** keep the kids entertained when we are out and about but the the thing I just cannot cope with, is getting soaked, it gives me rage, it has absolutely made me cry on more than one occasion: don’t judge until you have missed the third bus of the day in torrential rain with two tired and hungry kids.

I have spent far too many ££££ on pretend waterproof jackets because they look good and of course I’m trying to use style to disguise the fact my eye bags are at my chin, but they never work, so it’s taken a few years to figure it out, but here are my top 4 stylish rain coats, that REALLY are waterproof for any mum (and anyone who lives in a rainy city – oh hey Glasgow) on the run.

My all time fave rain coat, that I have been dutifully wearing for nearly 2 years now is my Rains jacket.  I have a small size mens as I love it super oversized and like to make myself look like the Michelin man by bulking up with jumpers underneath: it suits my minimalistic style to a T.  Rains is a Danish brand that gives a pretty contemporary look to the classic rubber rain coat, it is heat sealed and I can guarantee it is 100% waterproof.

Next up is the super stylish Protected Species.  I have tried these on and they feel amazing.  Several of my friends swear by them.  They are sleek, affordable and really, really waterproof plus don’t get me started on awesome it is that they are an all female team so REALLY do know what we need in terms of shape and style as women.

For those who like a more classic style, you can’t go wrong with Seasalt Cornwall.  With their duffle look waterproofs that have a nautical feel, they come in a variety of lengths to suit everyone.  Oh and they do a great sale.

Finally we have Joules, for those of you who like a pattern.  They have an amazing selection of coats in classic styles with something bright and fun for those of you who don’t live their life happily in black (yes, that’s me, black for all seasons). They have the very convenient mac in a pack styles AND you can get matching wellies if you are that way inclined.

What’s your fave?

4 thoughts on “My top 4 rain jackets for mums on the run

  1. Good selection! I’m excited to wear my new Zara waterproof jacket, it’s blush and lush! With a great hood that stays up! (Key component of the ultimate rain jacket) xx

  2. Great round up Luciana – I bought a rains jacket for my maternity leave and branched away from my usual black for a navy one-ha!! Love it! X

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