I love buying clothes and dressing my kids.

It’s mostly great fun, apart from when my daughter wants to put together her own concoction of an outfit, which is also cool and I try to let her wear what she wants as often as possible but one thing that I really, REALLY love is matching outfits.  I love it so much that what I want more than anything is to put the four of us all in the same outfit, even that is too much for my highly tolerant husband.

Trying to get my kids to match however is not so easy, my daughter would be in her element if she could wear a pink, polyester, sparkly, frilly number every day of the week and my son wants to wear his cat leggings more or less daily.  So trying to find great brands to satisfy my needs (yes, this is all about me) ain’t easy and I am always on the hunt.

Luckily for me, Glasgow brand Shapes of Things is everything I need and more and I have bought a few pieces over the past year that both my kids are happy to wear. I picked up these beauts at a recent sample sale: comfy, shiny, fun and all matching and as if that wasn’t enough, both kids LOVE and want to wear.  Winning!

Shapes of Things

Shapes of Things start at size newborn and go all the way  up to adult and are gender neutral, it makes me so happy that I can just browse clothes by age and not have to go to girls or boys.  Then let’s factor in their bags, cushions and blankets and you basically have a one stop shop and I am in online shopping heaven and could happily spend hours scrolling through their instagram account lusting more purchases.

Owner and designer Jamie always takes time to chat to mums and dads to see what makes them tick, plus he is uncle to a handful of nieces and nephews so he knows what parents want and has hit the gender neutral clothing need right on the head.

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