It’s almost here, that hallmark holiday that I DO jump on, same with Fathers Day, it’s nice to know that on that one day, everyone has to be nice to me and if they aren’t, daddy takes them out (to like the soft play, not assassination). I definitely don’t want an extravagant gift or any major fuss, just a long lie, a coffee and croissant in bed will do me and to be honest, I like to treat myself but if I WAS to receive something, here are my picks.

One of my recent Insta finds is the super lovely Black and Beech, a family focused lifestyle brand, who sell contemporary teething jewellery (that I would wear as necklace anyway) and have collaborated with a few different brands to put together some gift sets for all those amazing mamas out there including some of my fave brands: Teapigs, Nom Nom Chocolate and Yes Mum cards – these packs which start at £23.95 are a super cool gift.


Candelle and Co is my new go to for candles, they are a small family run business who specialise in bespoke candles that are all hand poured using the BEST soy wax and scents out there and as if that wasn’t enough they design and print all the labels and packaging themselves.  I love finding companies like this who make your shopping  experience so much more personal.  Out of all their products, the absolute MUST for Mothers Day is the ‘Mother of all Mothers’ candle.  This candle is particularly special because Candelle and Co are donating 15% of profits to Cancer Research.



I am a self professed, interiors obsessed mama.  I spend hours on Instagram looking for ideas, following interior stores and pretending to be Scandinavian.  We have an amazing shop in Glasgow called Tojo who basically satisfy all my needs and they have recently – ish been posting about the Vitra Tool Box that I have been lusting and I need it, like yesterday.  It’s a little caddy for organising your stuff, whatever that may be.  It is on my list because I would like my own little toolbox to store my stationary so that my ‘office’ can be put in the utility then lifted out when I sit down to work plus, it is only £22, stylish, bargains ahoy!


I love a plant, I keep buying plants actually and I am constantly on the hunt for something interesting to put them in and Emma McDowell has THE perfect, concrete pots for my cacti/succulent obsession.  I live in an entirely white house and the way Emma colours her pots is the perfect addition of colour to my rooms without making me twitchy like painting a wall does (a whole other blog post right there).


I LOVE GIN! I really, really do – especially on a Friday after a loooong week at home with the kids.  When I go out and about, I am always trying new brands and have ALOT of ‘favourites’ but on a recent night out with my friend Jen, we drank our way through the different gins in the bar and Nordes was a real stand out for both of us.  Nordes is a Galician gin that is made using pomace from Albarino grapes, the botanicals include juniper, ginger, hibiscus and liquorice and it’s bloody delicious.  I’ll take the six pack, please!


What would you like for Mothers Day this year?

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