Ok, so I am late to the game (suffering a 3 day hangover, no joke) but today is World Poetry Day and so I feel like I should share a poem by one of my friends because not only is it a beautiful piece of writing but also is right on topic for Word Up, Mum!

I met Lori through an online Facebook group that a few of us created for advice and support and thankfully also friendship despite us being geographically wide, it’s been invaluable for me and as it happens, Lori is only down the road from me in Glasgow.

When asked what her poem is about Lori said:

“It’s about the magic of bedtime – past the difficult bit of actually getting them in there. I always fed to sleep, then cuddled (and there was the difficult beach boys period) even though it was against the ‘rules’ . Now they’ll sleep without or cuddle each other but I still do it and it’s almost like the closeness and the connection resets and refreshes everything.”

You can see the poem that is called ‘S Shaped’ below and it has been published in Quotidian Magazine

‘It’s the soft ease
as the day changes state.

I am curled around you like sibilant sound,
peppering your cheeks with cat-kisses

while your clammy fingers
press urgently into my neck.

I could leave you now,
switch off and let the night in

but this, this, is the best time
when you whisper about the world.

We are twined again, arms and
legs and hearts intertwined and

I hear your fears and you are still small
and in thrall enough that I can crush

them with the sound of my voice, spinning
whisper gold out of the warm, sleepy silence

So, I pull you close and breathe
dreams into your ear.’

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