When I started weaning baby number one, my big girl, it was a joy, A JOY.  She tried anything, ate it all, wasn’t very messy and showed me all sorts of wonderful appreciation for the food I made from scratch for her.  Going out for meals was equally enjoyable – no kids menu here, she ate a small version of what we had, sat and drew nicely or blabbed away to us.  Life was sweet! Fast forward to baby number 2 and oh my, how that smug smile was wiped off my face.  To start with, all was well, he ate well, tried it all, he was incredibly messy but we were doing ok then something happened, I don’t know what but a switch flicked and he no longer wanted to eat anything except maybe toast, I had to paint the wall behind his high chair more than once and he made eating out hell on earth.. throwing food across the room, emptying his plate, running wild.   They are chalk and cheese and I was out my depth.  He is now a head strong and energetic little 3 year old who only wants to eat chips, pizza, garlic bread toast and shreddies.  He might throw some fruit in for good measure but meal times ARE NOT FUN and I try not to stress but sometimes you just can’t help it, can you?  So when Go Trovo reached out to the blogger community I grabbed at the chance, someone, anyone HELP ME FEED THIS KID.

So, Go Trovo Treasure Hunt mealtimes are just that, a treasure hunt to encourage healthy eating, good food choices and make meal times fun.  When the box arrived, the kids were taken instantly with how fun it was.

Inside the box you will find:

100% melamine plate, bowl and cup – the quality is lovely, it feels well made and I love the colour.

Double-sided dinner mat – the treasure map – durable, wipe clean and really fun, it kept the little one engaged at the table for the entire duration of the meal.

Shovel spoon and fork cutlery set – this is so much fun, he absolutely LOVED using his wee shovel.

10 reward cards

Large golden coin – which now gets carried around in his pocket…

Instructions and advice leaflet from a nutritionist

How does it work?

There is trail that works the way around the dinner mat, moving the gold coin around as they eat things and once they reach the end, they get to choose their reward.  There is definitely a degree of flexibility with the game, working it however you have to in order to get the most out of it for your child.

My little one ate more food than usual, tried some new things and loved the fun of a mealtime treasure hunt, we have used it several times now when we have time and it’s always a winner, his big sister often helps him work the way around encouraging him to eat well and try more things.  All in all a fun, creative and exciting addition to mealtimes and you can find more info here.

For the purpose of this review I was sent the above products. All views and opinions are 100% my own

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