We have just returned from a blissful (this is sarcasm) 2 weeks in Italy with the entire family (parents, brother, his fiance and my DARLING children) and I have come back feeling exhausted, like a terrible parent and spent the entire time shouting and screaming at my kids.

Going out for a meal with my youngest in tow can only be described as ‘hell on earth’, he is 3 and wild, he was the ‘ring leader of naughty’ in the hotel, even the bigger kids were following him, faces full of joy at what this little cute assassin was going to do next. He throws food, climbs over chairs, tantrums, runs faster than I realised possible for such little legs and he refuses to eat anything that isn’t chips/pizza/white food, anything he does eat gets put in his water: this made for very stressful evenings out.

Screenshot 2017-07-24 11.46.27


My girl turned 5 while we are on holiday and as well as her receiving gifts, we also received a special gift, someone switched her overnight with a teenager.  She was smarmy, cheeky, rude and refused to listen to us at all, on the odd occasion she did, it was only to repeat what we said with a smug, smirk on her face.  I know that all the parents will understand the rage we felt with this behaviour, deep breaths and walking away, LOTS of shouting – nothing worked, we finally took away her Amazon Kindle and told her she would not be receiving her bigger birthday gift when we returned home and this helped slightly but I still think I could have went at it from a different angle from the start.

Screenshot 2017-07-24 11.46.43


On the last few days of the holiday I remembered that I had recently met a lovely lady named Vicky Kakos who has a company called The Wee Retreat and she mentioned a mindful parenting course she was running and desperate for help I ran a quick Google search and there it was: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mindful-families-mini-retreat-tickets-34691947549.

I don’t want to shout all the time, I don’t want to react quickly, full of anger – I want to understand my emotions and hope I can in turn understand my kids and create a more calm environment for everyone in the house.  I know that there is nothing anyone can teach you that will stop your kids behaving as kids do, pushing the boundaries but maybe if I can learn how to manage their behaviour and manage my reactions, everyone will come out the other end in one piece.

Watch this space for a review on how we got on at the mini retreat.

You can find The Wee Retreat on Facebook and Instagram.



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