At the end of last year/beginning of this year, amidst a crappy ol’ time in the office I met a pretty awesome lady called Marjie and she runs a pretty awesome creative coaching company called I, Not Robot.

The wonderful Marjie is launching a unique social art project, ‘Glasgow Voices Rising’ in honour of the people who make Glasgow. The interactive project will be exhibiting at GOMA on the 24th and 25th of August 2017.

Creative coach, Marjie Gracie, invites the people of Glasgow to take part in the project. She will be asking a series of provocative questions and wants the people of her city to anonymously share their hopes, fears, loves, hates, inspirations and legacy, to be a part of our global voice.

The exhibition touches on what unites the human race: their sense of belonging, secrets, fears and more. Marjie wants to bring to life, the voices of the people that make Glasgow and beyond.

I am really excited to go down, be part of the exhibition, step outside my comfort zone by answering the questions she asks as part of the exhibition: to share my hopes, fears, loves and more.

If you are around, you need to go down and do your bit for dear old green Glasgow.

Event details here.

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