I love my fair city and we all know that Glasgow is pretty much the best at everything, food, style, ridiculous chat and in true Glaswegian style, there is an Instagram to cover all bases plus it is the perfect backdrop for any budding photographer so here are 5 Instagram accounts that I am currently loving and are not parenting related (’cause sometimes it’s nice to do stuff that is not about parenting, right?)

La Fotka:


This girl knows how to put together an outfit.  Casual, smart or downright wow, Tatyna, who is originally from Estonia, is a sartorial dream.  As one of Glasgow’s movers and shakers in the world of blogging, a quick glance at her Instagram tells you why she has over 20,000 followers.

Glasgow Restaurant Association:


Reasonably new to the world of Instagram, I have the down low that GRA are creating a community that is dedicated to improving the future of the hospitality scene in Glasgow.   You will find lots of pics of food but also offers, competitions and the sneaky sneak insight into what’s happening in ‘Dear Glasgow’ with regards to hospitality.



Brian Sweeney is one of Glasgow’s greatest photographers and you will be hooked at first sight.   You might call me biased, because he took pics of me on my wedding day that were suitably unweddingy for me plus not being able to resist his prints, I have one or two on my wall. The variety of shots are spectacular, finding musicians, football stadiums and even his trusty sidekick Albion (his dug) you will find yourself scrolling through his page for hours on end.

Scot Street Style


Powerful images of our powerful city and beyond, Scot Street Style founder Gordon Millar wants to create a fresh perception of our beautiful country to the world by creating a global community of creative Scots.  This page is a joy to follow and a hub of positivity.

Scottish Mothers Collective


There is an amazing community of insta-mums/parents out there and this is a pretty excellent platform that brings them together via events and opportunities.  They had a collaborative event with Very.co.uk last night (that I missed, hubby’s birthday won) but it looked ace and I am desperate to know just what was in those goody bags.




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