Sometimes, parenting becomes all consuming, it takes over, you forget to be calm because you are in too deep and caught up in the little details that maybe you just don’t need to be, I know I definitely don’t but can’t help myself sometimes.

Parenting is hard and being a stay at home/work from home mum is a struggle for me, I am not that great at it and I don’t always love it (this is not a sympathy call, just my reality) and more often than not I get to a point where I break, flip out, cry and shout and want to give up. (We all do, right?)

I really struggle to give my all to others, I struggle with being selfless and handing every spare moment and head space to everyone except me but I do, daily, and let’s be honest, I really shouldn’t have to but when you are at home all the time everything becomes about everyone EXCEPT you.

My day…

I wake, no, I get woken… by 6am after also having to re settle at least one child, once a night..

I have a daily fight to get clothes on…

A daily sob that he doesn’t want to go to nursery…

I rush home, I try to work…sometimes my brain is just fog and I can’t do anything for more than a few minutes..

Me, rushing up and down, up and down to collect from school and nursery, I don’t drive so no matter the weather I am on foot.  I get tired sometimes… I know walking is good for me but sometimes I am so tired that by Friday i am practically weeping on the walk..

I make lunch…

I make dinner…

I often forget to nourish myself properly…

I clean the house…it gets messy…I clean it again…sometimes I don’t

I try to stay awake for school pick up and have to fight a little one into his pram..he doesn’t want to go out again…

I know this is so similar to a million parents around the world, I am definitely not special or unique, I know we all have our struggles and it is all relative.

But today, when I got home, I just put the music on, I always used to listen to music, never TV, music, ALL THE TIME!

Lately I have been forgetting to and today, I put the Talking Heads on and I feel REVIVED.  Like a new person!

So to all those parents out there, having a bad day, struggling with giving your all- put some music on, I promise you will feel so much better, almost instantly.



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