Platform at Argyle Street Arches

Platform at Argyle Street Arches is a food market in the heart of the city centre that supports a whole host of independent food and drink traders in Scotland.

The team tasked me with generating coverage in an unassuming manner as possible: let people know we are here but the focus is on the traders, they are who matter the most.

I placed articles in all major local media including Glasgow Live, Glasgowist,  STV2, Evening Times, The Herald, The Scotsman, I-On Magazine, The Times and a selection of major blogger influencers.

Platform Portfolio


The Time X Change

Peter knew what he wanted to say but words ain’t his thang – they are mine, phew!

So we sat down, chatted it out and I created copy about him that took away the cheese and kept all the important stuff.

I am looking forward to his site launching later on this year and to work with him again.


In December 2014, Scottish born entrepreneur Peter Molloy had been looking for ways to reignite a sense of community after the 2008 recession had killed hope for many.

People still had a need for goods and services, if not the funds, so why not create a forum for people to swap and barter in order to get what they need whilst creating and maintaining positive relationships.

Peter wanted to create a community and a way to connect people who want to exchange their skills, services, and goods in return for something they need.  This started the ball rolling and the concept of The TimeXchange began to evolve and it was during a chat with a friend, who mentioned that he had swapped his skills with another friend in the building trade to get what they both wanted that Peter knew he was going in the right direction.

Fast forward to 2017 and here we are, TimeXchange has launched and is a free, social platform that has been created for like-minded people to create an online profile with their ads to swap their goods and services in a secure manner.

If you want to know more or get involved, you can contact us on





Barbarossa Restaurant

I look after social media, newsletters and web content for this restaurant in Glasgow.

Barbarossa is a family run restaurant that is full of life and has entered 2018 feeling ready to step outside the box, break boundaries and get more interesting.  I am really excited to be part of that.

Here is their story narrated by them, written by me!


Est 2001


Glasgow Voices Rising

 Press Release

Social Art Project Launches at GOMA

A unique social art project, ‘Glasgow Voices Rising’, is launching in honour of the people who make Glasgow.  The interactive project will be exhibiting at GOMA on the 24th and 25th of August 2017.

Creative coach, Marjie Gracie, invites the people of Glasgow to take part in the project.  She will be asking a series of provocative questions and wants the people of her city to write down their answer and display them as part of her installation.

I, Not Robot, a creative coaching company, is bringing the exhibition to Glasgow this month, launching a 12month project titled ‘Global Voices Rising!’

The exhibition touches on what unites the human race: their sense of belonging, secrets, fears and more.  Marjie wants to bring to life, the voices of the people that make Glasgow and beyond.

Marjie Gracie, founder of I, Not Robot says:

“The catalyst for change does not come from what coaching has to say ~ it comes from what we, as a human force, ignited by what our collective voice has to say.  I am so excited to be launching this unique project in my hometown, people REALLY do make Glasgow and this exhibition will show us all exactly how much.”



I, Not Robot was founded 5 years ago, built from a passion to coach visually, creatively and believe in and bring out the voice of her clients.

‘Global Voices Rising’ will be exhibiting in Glasgow, London, Mexico, Melbourne.


Create Ts and Cs

David is such an interesting personality: quietly confident with great humour and bonus, good taste in music.

He is good with words but low on time and was looking for a blog post about Jurisdiction in relation to contracts that would be educational but also make people stop and think.

He likes content that is practical and coherent and we worked well together, great communication and clarity in his brief to help me create the post.


Jurisdiction: A Snapshot


Glasgow Restaurant Association

I have always loved working in hospitality but really, really didn’t like the weekend shifts and crazy customers so this lets me keep my toe dipped in without the madness of a busy Saturday night.

I create all the web copy, newsletters, and social content as well as manage the social media channels for the Glasgow Restaurant Association.

Here are a few examples to titter your tastebuds…not even sorry!


About Us



Screenshot 2018-01-15 21.48.34
Meet The Owner: Anne Mulhern


A snippet of info on the European Championships 2018 website about GRA


You can view social media channels here:





Saddler Accessories

Saddler Accessories create handmade, bright leather purses and wallets that are too sassy for words – well not really, or I wouldn’t have a job.

They were looking for someone create copy for their home page that was fun but still kept their authentic values at the core of the content.  They also wanted a strapline that was short and snappy, who are they and what do they do.

It was a fun brand to work with.